※全自动钉珠机广泛应用于服装钉珠、鞋类钉珠、绣花图案、皮革、手袋、发饰、帽及其它工艺品上。※全自动钉扣机。该机为正面直攻进钉钉珠机,能通过四爪钉使珠子固定於物料(服装、鞋帽、围巾、饰品、箱包、手袋、服装辅料,花边,牛仔布、 针织布、合成革以及其他工艺品)上※本机适用8、10、12mm地球珠;同时可钉装半圆、尖钉、水桶、方钉等多种异形珠;非常规异形珠、异形钻可来样定做模具。


※全自动钉扣机。该机为正面直攻进钉钉珠机,能通过四爪钉使珠子固定於物料(服装、鞋帽、围巾、饰品、箱包、手袋、服装辅料,花边,牛仔布、 针织布、合成革以及其他工艺品)上










Automatic nailing machine is widely used in clothing beading, footwear beading, embroidery patterns, leather, handbags, hair accessories, caps and other crafts.

Automatic sewing machine. This machine is a direct-straight-attack nailing machine that can fix the beads on the material through four-claw nails (clothing, shoes, hats, scarves, jewelry, bags, handbags, clothing accessories, lace, denim, etc.knitted fabrics, synthetic leathers, and other handicrafts)

 This machine is suitable for 8, 10,12mm earth beads; at the same time can be installed semicircle, spikes, buckets, square nails and other special-shaped beads; unconventional shaped beads, shaped drills can be customized to mold.

Configuration laser infrared positioning, bead positioning accuracy, configuration touch screen, simple operation, easy to learn and use; reliable performance.

The bead plate is automatically under the beads, vibration plate automatically into the nail; speed arbitrary adjustment;

5^ The fastest bead speed can reach 350/minute, which can replace the work efficiency of more than 10 people. Automatic counting of beading, convenient for statistical production;

With continuous beading and single-point singles, 2 kinds of beading methods; interval time can be adjusted.

 It can set the automatic power-off time, stop the machine at a later time and save energy consumption. Standard screw can be used.