※该机用于钉打鞋类、皮件、纸袋、服装等金属双面鞋眼。 ※该机具有单打或连续钉打鞋眼、冲孔、打眼一次自动完成。※根据工作物的要求,可随意调整两眼孑L距。※钏合的鞋眼细致、美观、工整不变型。※操作简单,性能安全可靠。※效率为手工操作8-15倍的工作量

※该机用于钉打鞋类、皮件、纸袋、服装等金属双面鞋眼。 ※该机具有单打或连续钉打鞋眼、冲孔、打眼一次自动完成。





Used forfixing double-sided metal eyelets on shoes, leather, paper bags, garments, and various other materials.

5^ This machine can automatically punch or continuously punch and rivet eyelets. The punching and eyeleting can be finished once. It can adjust the pitch of two eyes freely according to the requirement.

※仆。riveted shoes eyes are neat, beautiful and ametabolic.

Easy operation and reliable performance.

^The efficency is 8-15 times of manual operation.