※采用集成化一体式微电脑控制系统,小体积,不占空间,低功率高效能,节 能减碳设计。※系统界面配置权限设置操作锁定,免除操作人员的参数设置误动。※涂布轮运转

※采用集成化一体式微电脑控制系统,小体积,不占空间,低功率高效能,节 能减碳设计。


※涂布轮运转速度与出胶速度采比例控制,可依生产需求调整上胶均匀,降低 人员调试时间。



※设备系统可设置涂布总成自动清洗/手动强制清洗,杜绝人员下班休息时疏忽 忘记清洗


※可依现场实际需求:1 .加装UPS备用电源(备工厂停电时紧急清洗)

2. 加装涂胶槽上方烟雾过滤器(不同胶水/产生的烟雾)

3. 订制涂布轮(压花纹路、光面...等)

Integrated microcomputer control system, small size, no space, low power and high efficiency, section Can reduce carbon design.

 System interface configuration authority set operation lock, eliminating th© operator's parameter settings malfunction.

Coat wheel running speed and the rate of injection ratio control, according to production needs to adjust the glue evenly,Personnel debugging time. Uniform thickness of the glue on the fine-tuning range can be set between 0.05mm-1.5mm.

Automatic detection of plastic residue left volume, do low-volume alarm tips plus glue.
 Equipment can be set to install the asse mbly assembly automatic cleaning/manual forced cleaning, to prevent staff from work to neglect Forget to clean.

Glue tank high air tightness design, stop the glue tank remaining glue can be maintained 7-12day and then boot.

According to the actual needs of the scene:

1. Install UPS standby power (emergency shutdown when the factory power failure)

2. Install the smoke filter above the glue tank (different glue / generated smoke)

3. Custom coated wheel (embossed lines, smooth ... Etc.)